Health and Fitness for All – Some Issues

‘Health and fitness’ is probably one of the most commonly used pair of words. The popularity of this phrase and its universal appeal is a pointer to the growing awareness of the importance of health by people at large. Though the importance of health and fitness has been emphasized since time immemorial, there has been a sharp increase in health consciousness during the past few decades. This can be attributed to the spread of literacy and knowledge on the one hand and the concerted efforts by governments and organizations like the World Health Organization.Health and fitness is not an issue emphasized by the governments alone. There is also a business angle to this. Unlike in the past, providing health care has emerged as a business in the present century. We have hospitals and drug manufacturers minting money by selling the idea of health to people. As it happens with all such initiatives, there are certain undesirable things about the health campaign. You come across a plethora of advertisements on a wide range of health products, drugs, equipment, services etc. You are offered products ranging from pills to prolong your intercourse to miracle drugs to improve memory, intelligence, longevity etc. There is also a long line up of equipment to improve your fitness, strengthen your muscles, flatten your tummy etc.The tall claims made by people who promote some of these products and services make you wonder whether these claims are true. This skepticism is in total contrast to your taking your doctor’s word about your health and treatment needed and scrupulously following his prescription of drugs and the diet routines. That you will buy anything and everything prescribed by your physician and follow his advise on the lifestyle (to the extent possible) is a testimonial to the credibility and standing of the medical profession. That you look at most of the advertisements for health products with skepticism is an indication of the growing erosion of credibility by the health and fitness industry.The reality is that you can attain health and fitness much more easily than suggested by some of the promoters of the modern health products. I am not suggesting for a moment that these products do not have value. In fact, all of them may have a unique value. But the question you have to ask is what your requirement is. Health and fitness is essential for all of us but many of us can have this by following a proper diet routine and spending some time for doing simple exercises. Therefore, before going in for any modern device or system, take some time to evaluate your needs, considering the state of your physical health (how much of these do I need?), your financial health (can I afford these and even if I can, is it worth the price?) and your time constraints (will I be able to spend time using these equipment or following the routine suggested?)